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The Abdy family have over 400 years of involvement in the steel and cutlery trade with a long history pre industrial revolution in silver and pewter and were involved in the formation of the first assay office and the setting of modern standards for silver and metals.
city rd 1966
Throughout the 20th century the Abdy name has been involved in the tool industry and began a new chapter in machine tooling and tools in 1930 from their Sheffield base as the Standard Jig and Tool company on Hereford St. under Reginald Henry Abdy including making parts for spitfires during WW2. The factory was destroyed by bombing overnight during the Sheffield Blitz and Reginald Abdy had to begin the slow process of rebuilding a business from scratch.
henry reginald abdy 1957
After the war the company rebranded to SST, Standard Saw and Tool Company and focussed on making saws, trowels and bow saws in the heart of Sheffield's rebuilt steel city. Anthony Reginald Abdy joined his father in 1955 and the company moved to new premises at City Road with new machinery and flourished.
In 1980 to cope with rapid expansion it moved its production line to a purpose built factory/ warehouse at Matilda Street and become known for its leading brands HERCULES, TIGER, TORNADO, GLOBEMASTER, SURFACEMASTER, ROBOT and SAFETYMASTER, being rebranded Worldwide Tools Limited to encompass these.
anthony reginald and lorna abdy 1987
Currently run by the 3rd generation Anthony, Victoria and Georgina It has grown from strength to strength without losing its local Sheffield character, influences and engineering background for quality. The tool company still operates today in the heart of Sheffield’s Cultural Industries Quarter and has been joined by 4th generation Anthony Michael to take the company into the next decade.
shoreham street 1999

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